Nice to meet you!

"I was born in Brazil to a Danish father and Indonesian mother. My parents had immigrated to Brazil as kids in the 1950s, and met in high school...and eventually I came into the world. When I was four, my family immigrated to Australia and Sydney became my home. While I consider myself Australian, I'm also Danish. And Indonesian. And Brazilian. I am a little bit of everything and proud of it. I feel that my connection to all of these cultures has led me to become the open-minded human I am today.

I believe that the sparkle and excitement in my life is manifested through Exploration, Connection and Dance."

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"Exploration represents growth and learning, reminding me that I am perfectly imperfect human being. Whether travelling or trying something for the first time, it’s fascinating to feel contrasting emotions in a new situation: curiosity and resistance, excitement and nervousness, courage to go there with fear of the unknown. Exploration reminds me that I am alive!"


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"I honour real, open connections with people. From close friends and family, to colleagues and acquaintances, to those I meet for a fleeting moment.


Connection teaches me to value the perspective of others. It helps me to understand the world better, to be culturally open-minded and to bring higher value into my own life."



"Dance represents my creativity and emotions.  Through dance, I express my joy and sparkle, and also release my shadows.


Dance revitalises my mind and soul. It allows me to connect with myself and with others. What’s fascinating about dance, is that there are no rules - everyone has their own way to express their bodies, just like a unique fingerprint."